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Avicena unveils LightBundleTM, a chip interconnect technology with dramatically lower power consumption and higher bandwidth density Highly parallel optical links with power efficiency of 0.1pJ/bit, bandwidth density of 10Tbps/mm2 and reach of up to 10m promise to smash current interconnect bottlenecks in distributed compute systems MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — June 8, 2021 — Avicena Inc., […]

Avicena at OFC 2021 Rump Session

OFC 2021 Rump Session, Wednesday, 09 June 06:00 – 08:00 am PDT Did the Optics Industry Blunder by Switching Intra-Datacenter Links from NRZ to PAM4? Will More DSP like PAM6 and Coherent Follow, or Will WDM and Parallel Save the Day? Session Organizer and WDM Team Captain:  Chris Cole, II-VI Incorporated, USA WDM Team Provocateurs: […]

Compound Semiconductor: June 2021

Easing the chip-to-chip communication bottleneck by leveraging microLED display technology High-speed optical emitters derived from GaN-based microLED displays can move data at much higher density and lower power than copper, bringing optical connections to the centimetre scale BY BARDIA PEZESHKI, ROB KALMAN, ALEX TSELIKOV AND CAMERON DANESH FROM AVICENA MOST OF THE ENERGY consumed in […]