LightBundle™ — Enlightened Connectivity

It has been known for decades that even very short optical interconnects (< 1 mm scale) can offer significant power and density advantages over electrical interconnects. This advantage can be realized by using very low-capacitance optoelectronic devices with high quantum efficiency (QE). Unfortunately, despite decades of effort, available optical sources have all fallen far short of what is needed for practical short (1 mm – 10 meter) optical interconnects due to a litany of inadequacies including high drive power, large size, poor high-temperature performance, expensive and bulky packaging, and poor yield. Avicena has solved this problem with the Cavity-Reinforced Optical Micro-Emitter (CROME™), an innovative source developed specifically for short reach interconnects. CROMEs are a key element in Avicena’s LightBundle™ interconnects. We reject the conventional wisdom that SerDes must be used beyond ~10mm, instead using “wide & slow” optical busses that are hundreds or thousands of lanes wide at 1 – 5Gbps per lane.

Avicena’s LightBundle™ interconnects totally change the game.

LightBundle technology leverages these technologies in a unique way to achieve the following benefits:

  • Power 0.1 – 0.5pJ/bit for 1 mm – 10 meter interconnects
  • Throughput density > 10Tbps/mm2
  • 3D interconnects not constrained to lie in a plane
  • Low latency (e.g. no need for FEC)

CROMEs launch terabits into the ether!