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Avicena is a privately held company located in Sunnyvale, CA, developing ultra-low energy optical links based on microLEDs. These interconnects offer class-leading bandwidth density and energy efficiency for medium reach. Applications include chip-to-chip interconnects in HPC, AI/ML, and memory disaggregation, as well as next generation links in sensors, 5G wireless and aerospace. Avicena’s technology is a key building block in the evolution of new networking and computing architectures that will reduce the energy impact on our planet.

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The Avicena leadership team has spent years solving the most complex photonic connectivity challenges with innovative and scalable solutions.


The Avicena microLED-based interconnect technology offers industry leading bandwidth density and energy efficiency by leveraging rapid advances in the microLED display industry for mass production.


The applications range from chip-to-chip interconnects in HPC, AI/ML, and memory disaggregation to next generation links in sensors, 5G Wireless head-ends and Aerospace.

IEEE Spectrum

Two Startups are Bringing Fiber to the Processor

Avicena is featured in IEEE Spectrum for December 2022. While conventional Silicon Photonics provides a solution for medium to long reach communications, Avicena’s microLED technology enables ultra-low energy interconnects for short reach links ideally suited for chip-to-chip applications in HPC, AI/ML and memory disaggregation. To learn more, click the link below:

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Lightwave interviews Avicena's V.P. of Marketing, Chris Pfistner, at OFC 2023