Using microLEDs and display technology, Avicena enables optical chip to chip communication and solves the data bottleneck in computing.



Product News: Chiplet Interconnect

The LightBundle from Avicena is a scalable chiplet interconnect for extending high bandwidth memory modules and die-to-die connections from GPUs. The chiplets can extend connections up to 10 m and dissipate <1 pJ/bit for optical interconnects and support multi-Tbps/mm beachfront density. The LightBundle chiplets are compatible with standard multichip packaging and support a wide range of die-todie interfaces, including standard and advanced versions of UCIe and BOW.

Optical Connections

OFC 2024: Avicena debuts scalable Sub-pJ/bit chiplet

Optical Connections — Avicena has debuted its scalable LightBundle chiplet interconnect, which extends ultra-high density die-to-die (D2D) connections up to 10m at multi-Tbps/mm shoreline bandwidth density and sub-pJ/bit energy efficiency. Based on Avicena’s LightBundle platform which supports shoreline density and energy efficiency, it unlocks increased performance from HPC and AI cluster architectures.


Using LED-based Parallelism for Fast Optical Interconnects

Avicena has demonstrated what it claims is the world’s smallest one terabit optical transceiver. And the company will reveal more about how it is advancing its optical technology for volume production at the upcoming OFC event in San Diego in March.

The interface technology uses compact light emitting diodes (LED). The interface uses an array of these microLEDs that emit light vertically into a bundle of multimode optical fibres.

Optical Connections

Avicena debuts world’s smallest 1Tbps optical transceiver

Optical Connections covered Avicena’s debut of the world’s smallest 1Tbps optical transceiver as part its LightBundle™ multi-Tbps chip-to-chip interconnect technology at the 2023 SuperComputing event. The microLED-based architecture supports unprecedented throughput, shoreline density and low power, unlocking the performance of processors, memory, and sensors. To learn more, click the link below:

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Photonics-Enabled Disaggregated Computing

Avicena is featured in LightCounting Light Trends Newsletter for December 2023 where they discuss highlights from Supercomputing Conference: SC 2023. “Other photonic show highlights include optical interconnect demonstrations from Avicena that showed what it claims is the world’s smallest 1 terabit-per-second (Tb/s) microLED-based transceiver.”

IEEE Spectrum

Two Startups are Bringing Fiber to the Processor

Avicena is featured in IEEE Spectrum for December 2022. While conventional Silicon Photonics provides a solution for medium to long reach communications, Avicena’s microLED technology enables ultra-low energy interconnects for short reach links ideally suited for chip-to-chip applications in HPC, AI/ML and memory disaggregation. To learn more, click the link below:

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