Our Mission is to make the world's communication and compute more efficient, creating a better future for our planet.

Fast Facts

World's Smallest 1Tbs Optical Transceiver

Avicena have developed a transceiver that's just 3mm x 4mm, using microLED optical interface

Advanced Technology for Interconnects

Avicena have developed the most optimized technology for chip-to-chip and chip-to-memory interconnects


With a world class innovation team, Avicena continues to push the boundaries of technology

Blue Light Underwater

Blue light travels the farthest underwater, making it the ideal medium for underwater optical communications

High Temperature Operation

Avicena have demonstrated µLED operation up to 290ºC

Industry Insight

The NVIDIA Hopper H100 GPU (TSMC 4nm) contains 80 billion transistors

Latest News

Optical Connections

Avicena debuts world’s smallest 1Tbps optical transceiver

Optical Connections covered Avicena’s debut of the world’s smallest 1Tbps optical transceiver as part its LightBundle™ multi-Tbps chip-to-chip interconnect technology at the 2023 SuperComputing event. The microLED-based architecture supports unprecedented throughput, shoreline density and low power, unlocking the performance of processors, memory, and sensors. To learn more, click the link below:


The applications range from chip-to-chip interconnects in HPC, AI/ML, and memory disaggregation to next generation links in sensors, 5G Wireless head-ends and Aerospace.

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People and Culture

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Avicena celebrates with an evening cruise on the San Francisco Bay.

We Are Avicena

Avicena is a privately held company developing microLED based ultra-low power high bandwidth interconnects for chip-to-chip communications. This technology revolutionizes High-Performance (HPC) and Cloud computing, as well as other industries where low power interconnects are critical like camera sensors, autonomous vehicles, and aerospace. Avicena is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with a development center in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company was founded in 2019 by leading technologists from the optical networking industry with a track record of delivering breakthrough products.