SEP 18 – SEP 22, 2022

Visit Avicena at Stand #464.

Dr. Bardia Pezeshki, Founder and CEO of Avicena, will also be speaking at:

The 9th Workshop on Startups and Entrepreneurship
September; 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Congress Center Basel, Room Kairo
Free of Charge for all ECOC Conference Participants

The photonics industry continues to be a dynamic market in which innovation takes place at a breathtaking pace. And much of this innovation is driven by startup companies.

While many people like to start a company and many admire the startups that made it big, the process of starting company can be challenging.

The aim of this workshop is to provide practical guidelines and do’s and don’ts by featuring a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who tell their story. The focus of the presentations is to share key insights and lessons learned that are useful for any entrepreneur wanting to start a company or develop a new business.

The workshop concludes with a panel session with ample room for questions and answers.

This startup workshop will be the 9th edition and it has been held in conjunction with either ECOC or OFC. Handouts of previous startup workshops including all presentations can be found at:


Session:  Product Focus, ECOC 2022 Virtual Catch-up
October 10–13, 2022

Title: Avicena’s LightBundle GaN microLEDs on Silicon Enable Ultra-Low Energy Interconnects for Chip-to-Chip Communications 

Speaker name: Dr. Chris Pfistner, Vice President, Sales & Marketing 

Abstract: Avicena has demonstrated LightBundle™ interconnects with less than 1pJ/bit energy efficiency.  The technology is based on arrays of innovative GaN micro-emitters that leverage the microLED display ecosystem and can be integrated into high performance CMOS ICs.  The parallel nature of LightBundle™ is well matched to parallel chiplet interfaces like UCIe, OpenHBI, and BoW, and can also be used to extend the reach of compute interconnects like PCIe/CXL, or HBM/DDR/GDDR memory links.